“Japan Inscape” is dedicated to my wife Barbara. For more than 50 years we have shared a beautiful, rewarding, and poignant journey. My years in surgery presented challenges that only a smart and understanding partner could manage. As we near a new chapter, the joy of writing, offers new trials. Barbara’s love, guidance and support were formative and intrinsic to my life experiences. 


Glimpsed her high cheek bones.

Beauty has remained intact.

Look through gauze of years.



What if I told you, your view of the world around you, could become happier and more complete, by day-dreaming along with photos and poems?  

Dark, light, dark, light, dark.

Leaves, plants, lilies, water, trees.

Nature alternates.

So does the Japan journey, that I have called, “Japan Inscape.” An emotional response to an entire life of surgery and family, surfaced through poetry and photography.  

The moment to write-

Launched by a leaf floating down,

Or news of a bomb.

The mood alternates between chaotic city spaces and tranquil countryside,  commonplace and monumental. The book hopes to inspire the reader to visit Japan and experience similar aesthetic highlights, and discover many I have not yet enjoyed. The delight of coupling a Haiku poem to a photograph or a photograph to a poem, pressed me to continue to select and edit. The endpoint of a book forces final edits, and inevitable regrets. Only another visit can sooth those feelings.


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