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Outside the OR Japan Inscape: A Book of Haiku and Photography

Japan Inscape, a collection of work by Michael A. Goldfarb, MD, is a reflective journey told through haiku and photography. Based on his travels to Japan in 2016, the book is a lifelong surgeon’s gift to those around him.

Thoughtful, introspective and often whimsical, it will be uplifting to revisit time and time again. Dr. Goldfarb has  spent more than 40 years in the intense field of surgery and delights in many things, haiku being one at the top of the list. An astute observer, his thoughts and wonderings about the Japanese culture are captured in the pages of this book, but he urges readers to read the haiku aloud after reading

it in silence. The meanings and interpretations can morph for the reader, even without photos to accompany them. “My world view changed as a result of this trip, and I can honestly say I possess more peace and happiness now that I have experienced the power of understanding through gentle observation,” Dr. Goldfarb said.

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 I was inspired to create my first book when Barbara and I celebrated our 50th Anniversary in Japan. I was mesmerized by the local beauty and started writing haiku, as I captured the sights.  The culmination of countless hours of decisions, revisions - and more revisions, the book is a compelling collection of immersive photographs and haiku. I invite you to take your own trip along with us. 

As the pictures and poetry came together for this book, I realized that my true mission in creating JAPAN INSCAPE was multi-faceted. I wanted to offer honorable thanks to the hospitable people of Japan for their warmth and generous spirit. But I also hope that every reader might come away with some of the awe and wonder I experienced in Japan. 

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5.0 out of 5 stars Poetry in Motion

This is a genius work. The author transported me back to my childhood, hearing my parents’ stories of their exotic trip to Japan in the 1970’s. I was reminded of the home movies we would watch as friends and neighbors would gather in our basement to take in the magical scenes from the Japanese culture and countryside. This book is exquisite. The haiku are beautiful and delicate as are the photographs. The masterful nexus of the two art forms are what make this gorgeous volume so rare. It makes for a wonderful coffee table piece which visitors in your home will find fascinating and irresistible. I hope we will see more books of this kind from the author. The pictures almost read more like short films than snapshots. He clearly has more than one great gift. He possesses two great talents - poetry and photography.

5.0 out of 5 stars Enjoy the Experience the book provides

A lyrical journey to Japan that is simply enchanting... the verse and the photography merge into a transcendent experience for the reader. A coffee table book to revisit again and again..,,

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat!

I was blown away when I got around to reading this recent gift from a friend. Japan Inscape is not just a wonderful romp through contemporary and historical Japan, but a blend of exquisite photography and haiku poetry that takes the reader on a trip to a world of magical vision and verse. A revelation of the essence of Japan, this unpretentious combination of awe-inspiring photos and three-line poems is transporting; the author manages to evoke heartfelt emotion with a soothing undertone of tranquility. Personally, what I found most enjoyable was a sense that I was actually there, a guest of the author, along for the ride. My guess is that Japan Inscape will inspire many to travel to Japan, but for those who can’t make the trip anytime soon, it can serve as the next best thing. Terrific.

5.0 out of 5 starsA beautiful view of Japan

I have been paging through this book for the last few weeks, enjoying some of the most beautiful photography of Japan I have ever experienced, and enjoying the poetry of Michael. I know him as a physician and a man of science and the fine arts, but never knew this side of his creativity and artistry until now. My only visit to Japan kept me in Tokyo and other bustling metropolitan areas, but seeing Michael's photos and description of Japan as a culture has shed so much light on their culture. I highly recommend reading and viewing Inscape...

5.0 out of 5 starsStimulating & Thought Provoking

As a lover of both poetry and photography, "Inscape" certainly left me mesmerized!
Dr. Goldfarb's "Tea Cup Age" photo, as I've shown here, is one of my favorites and along with the Haiku poem captures the spiritual essence of the Japanese culture.
In addition, since Asian influence fills my home, I have noticed that this perfect coffee table book stimulates very interesting conversation. Thought provoking for yourself and your guests as well.

5.0 out of 5 starsInspirational

This extraordinary book contains beautiful pictures and insightful haiku. I first looked at a picture and then read the haiku, which then lead me back to re-examine the picture and see things that I had't seen at the initial view. A wonderful gift for yourself or others. Thank you Dr. Goldfarb - the love and effort you put into creating this book is very visible.

5.0 out of 5 starsBeautifully peaceful!

Dr. Goldfarb has added this inspirational and gorgeous photographic and poetic journey through Japan to his already incredible resume! He captures and translates the beauty of the people, the country, and how it impacted him and his wife on their trip so well with him imagery and poetic expression. A wonderful coffee table and conversational book that will relax your mind and inspire your soul!

5.0 out of 5 starsLoved it!

Just wonderful! The photographs are a treat to savor and the Haiku poems are a perfect compliment! I highly recommend this book to fans of both Haiku and photography. Enjoyed it immensely!

5.0 out of 5 starsJapan Inner Moments

Dr. Goldfarb’s Japanese travelogue is pictured and described in deceptively minimalist terms. Inner calm is conveyed absent all backround interference. A quiet delight!

5.0 out of 5 starsInspirational

A very inspirational collection of poetry and photography. The photography lures the reader to reread the poetry again and again. Highly recommended.

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