The book is a “thank you” to the people we met and the majestic and magical visions we saw.  The people were gracious and understanding. My impressions of historical and contemporary Japan are expressed in poems and photographs.


My wife Barbara, helped me sort photographs and poems. She shared the trip and sharpened my thinking each day.

Toko Sakane, my neighbor in New Jersey for over 20 years, toured Kyoto with us. She showed us many enchanted sites that are documented in the book. Her incites were key to our visit. I have continued to discuss many moments with her, since our return. 


Nancy Quatrano, provided the reality part of publishing a book, including manuscript and marketing consultation, cover and interior book layout and design, printing, publishing, and eBook formats. Her  instant friendship and guidance made the process a positive experience that I will repeat.

If poem spoken,

Word sounds may revise meanings-

Other nuances.

Word images lilt.

Voice flavors phrases intent.

Wish music would blend.

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Seesaw of balance-

Tilts between joys and sorrows.

Humor is fulcrum.


First Impression glance-

Not as deep as years of views.

But never relived.


Dark, light, dark, light, dark.

Leaves, plants, lilies, water, trees.

Nature alternates.